Integrative Team Initiatives

The large research questions of our time are by their very nature not only interdisciplinary but increasingly complex, requiring the convergence of a broad set of fields, diverse teams, and new partnerships to address.

As noted by the National Academies, these convergent teams can answer new questions, produce more comprehensive knowledge and generate more effective applied solutions. However, the success of these teams is not a given, but requires adoption of evidence-based team science approaches proven to be effective for building, managing, and sustaining successful teams.

Here we provide a set of resources for UGA faculty to help them form new and strengthen existing teams as well as to successfully prepare, plan and execute large center-scale team research proposals and achieve the deep level of integration such proposals require between 听research, education, a culture of diversity and inclusion, and innovation ecosystem.


For more information on any of the existing or planned programs, please contact Larry Hornak, associate vice president for research, integrative team initiatives, at

Team Science

Learn more about the teams that Integrative Team Initiatives has supported through pre-seed grants, workshops, and external red team reviews at UGA builds support for effective teams.

Learn more about UGA research team support & success

UGA Contacts

  • Integrative Initiative Planning and Development Support 鈥 Alex Aspley Esco, Program Manager,; Larry Hornak, AVP,
  • Support for Large Integrative Proposal Development and Submission 鈥 Jake Maas, Director of the Office of Proposal Enhancement,
  • Building your Innovation Ecosystem 鈥 Kyle Tschepikow, Executive Director of Business Engagement & Innovation,
  • Change Expanding diversity and building a culture of Inclusion 鈥 Dominique Quarles, Ph.D., Director of Diversity and Inclusion,
  • Connecting to clinical and translational resources, Brad Phillips, Director UGA site of Georgia CTSA,
  • Building and leveraging existing interdisciplinary graduate programs 鈥 Meredith Welch-Devine, Asst. Dean, Graduate School,

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