UGA Research Institute


The UGA Research Institute (UGARI) serves as the organizational foundation for growing UGA鈥檚 applied research partnerships with U.S. mission agencies and industry. Created in Spring 2022, UGARI facilitates and supports research teams of faculty, research staff and students in meeting the needs and requirements of mission agencies and industry such that all participants receive value, long-term relationships are developed, and UGA programs benefit.

Organization Around 华人第一情色社区 of Activity

UGARI鈥檚 objective is to facilitate research with multiple mission agencies and industries across multiple sectors. Given the common operational needs to execute effectively on contract work combined with the distinct applied research needs and requirements of different sponsor organizations, UGARI will be organized around a core of operational support functions, with centers of major sponsor-specific activity formed around that core. This enables UGARI聽to organically grow along with sponsor relationships, such as with and DoD.

Savannah River Center of Activity

The Savannah River Center of Activity (SRC) is UGARI鈥檚 first center of activity and has the following vision and mission:


The UGARI-SRC will facilitate and sustain the growth of a vibrant and productive joint research, education and outreach ecosystem contributing to the missions of UGA, the (BSRA), (SRNL), and the Department of Energy (DOE).

  • To facilitate collaborative opportunities that allow UGA faculty to lead or participate in research supporting the SRNL mission for DOE and other stakeholders.
  • To assess and guide UGA in developing strategic areas of investment for faculty with joint appointment with SRNL.
  • To provide administrative support for faculty participating in collaborative SRNL research, including allocation of committed funding for graduate, undergraduate or postdoctoral personnel; allocation of available office and laboratory space and equipment at UGA鈥檚 (SREL); and coordination of available graduate student housing near the Savannah River Site.


We offer a set of programs for faculty to assist in building strong, long-term collaborative relationships with partners through our Research Collaboration Assistance Program (ReCAP).

Research Collaboration Assistance Program (ReCAP)

Research Collaboration Assistance Program