Animal Care & Use

The Office of Animal Care and Use (OACU)听oversees the University鈥檚 use of animals in scientific investigation and instruction, manages the compliance activities of the听Institutional Animal Care and Use Committee (IACUC)听and administers the research support functions of听University Research Animal Resources (URAR).

Announcements and News

4/26/2023: The USDA amended the Animal Welfare Regulations (AWR), so that some live birds are now regulated by USDA.听Previously only mammals were covered by the AWR.

How to determine if your research or instruction birds are USDA regulated:

Birds bred (hatched) in captivity: These birds are听not听covered by the USDA AWR.

Wild-caught birds (birds not hatched in captivity):听These birds听are听covered under the USDA AWR.

So, PIs working with wild-caught birds need to take specific actions:

  • On IACUC protocols, the question about coverage by the USDA Animal Welfare Act Regulations (in 5.1) is to be answered as 鈥淵es鈥.
  • Starting October 1, 2023, the PI must record the number of birds used every federal fiscal year, to potentially be included in UGA鈥檚 annual animal use report to USDA. The OACU will contact PIs each fall to ask for these numbers if they are needed, based on the procedures in your AUPs.听Please count from October 1 through September 30 each year, the federal fiscal year.

8/1/2022: There is a new Institutional Animal Care and Use Committee (IACUC) policy, 鈥Registration of Animal Used for Purposes Other than Research and Instruction鈥.

This policy requires registration of certain animal-use activities that do not require an IACUC approved protocol (AUP). Registration is via a very short qualtrics form.

The university is responsible for all activities using UGA-owned animals, and animal activities on UGA property or sponsored by UGA, even though the use of animals for purposes other than research and instruction does not fall under the same regulations as research and instructional uses.

Registration is required for: 1) Use of UGA-owned animals for non-research, non-instruction purposes (e.g., production, clubs, non-instructional exhibits or entertainment events) and 2) use of animals not owned by UGA on UGA property or sponsored by UGA (rodeo, open house).

1/18/2022: The Office of Animal Care and Use and the IACUC are excited to let UGA researchers know that the AUP Annual Renewals are no longer needed!

The Annual Renewals were required at the end of the first and second years of an AUP鈥檚 lifespan. Annual Renewals were required by the USDA regulations, and the USDA has removed that requirement as of January 2022. As soon as USDA told us they were no longer required, we dropped that requirement for UGA researchers.

We are working with Office of Research IT to stop all Artemis automatic notifications about Annual Renewals. In the meantime, please ignore any Annual Renewal automatic notifications.

Just to be clear鈥攁ll AUPs will still expire, 3 years after the approval date.

8/26/2021:听The training requirements for personnel listed on an Animal Use Protocol have recently changed. Sharps Training is now only required once.


The use of vertebrate animals in research at UGA requires registration, review and approval by the Institutional Animal Care and Use Committee (IACUC). IACUC review and approval is required to ensure compliance with all regulations, policies and standards that protect animal welfare. All animal use proposals are submitted through Artemis.

For general inquiries please contact our staff at

Humane Care and Use Policy

UGA maintains a Policy on Humane Care and Use of Animals that declares its compliance with regulations and policies governing use of all vertebrate animals used in research and instruction.

How Do I Report an Animal Welfare Issue?

The 华人第一情色社区 is committed to the humane care of the animals used in its research and instructional activities. If you have a question or concern about animal welfare, we urge you to report concerns to your supervisor or to the University鈥檚 Institutional Animal Care and Use Committee (IACUC). UGA’s Policy on Reporting and Investigating Animal Welfare Concerns can be found here.

The identity of persons reporting concerns to the IACUC is held strictly confidential if requested.

One may also report concerns anonymously, through the or through the UGA Ethics and Compliance Reporting Hotline: 1-877-516-3467.


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