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AI Team Acceleration Event

Thank you to our sponsors:
Office of the Provost, Office of Research,
Institute for Artificial Intelligence,
and UGA Libraries

Park in North Campus Deck (N06); across street from Hub
9 AM 鈥 Noon
Monday, February 5, 2024

The AI Team Acceleration Event is organized to accelerate your teaming efforts by helping you learn about the activities of new teams on campus, meet new collaborators to team with, and learn about valuable resources and programs that can help you attain your team goals. This event includes:

  • Presidential Interdisciplinary Seed Grant Team Presentations
  • 鈥淢ust Know鈥 Resources to Leverage for your Team
  • AI Affinity Groups Formative “First” Meetings
Innovation Hub

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RSVP Deadline: Friday, January 26, 2024

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8:30 AM to 9 AM Registration and Coffee/Tea
9 AM to 9:15 AM Welcome: Provost Jack Hu & Vice President for Research Karen Burg
9:15 AM to 10:15 AM Presidential Interdisciplinary Seed Grant Teams: Awardee Presentations

Cluster Engagement Track Awardee Teams:聽 10-Minute Thunder Talks

  1. From bench to bed net: Developing novel antimalarial inhibitors for killing Plasmodium in the malaria mosquito. Doug Paton, Chester Joyner, Pejman Rohani
  2. Developing Applied Institutional Ethics for the Age of AI: Interdisciplinary Approaches. Youjin Kong, L. Jason Anastasopoulos, Jeremy Davis, Prashant Doshi, Matthew Hall, Akshat Lakhiwal, Aaron Schecter, Ari Schlesinger, Christian Turner
  3. Using precision agriculture technologies to improve pest diagnosis and spray application to address pest challenges facing key fruit crops in Georgia. Ashfaq Sial, Phillip Brannen, Md Sultan Mahmud, Guoyu Lu, Simerjeet Virk, Jonathan Oliver, Glen Rains, Brett Blaauw
  4. Socio-Technical Solutions for Countering AI-Generated Deep Fakes. Roberto Perdisci, Jin Sun, Le Guan, Justin Conrad, Sonja West, Bartosz Wojdynski, Mark Lupo, Thomas Kadri

New Frontiers Track Awardee Teams:聽 2-Minute Lightning Talks

  1. PCP HELPR: Primary Care Provider Healthcare Extension by Leveraging Pharmacists in Rural Communities through Telehealth Technologies. Devin Lavender, Rebecca Stone, Beth Phillips, Blake Johnson, Chelsea Keedy, Sharmon Osae, Russell Palmer, Henry Young, Daniel Jung, Thomas Wells, Melissa Robinson, Daniel Hall, Sharon Liggett
  2. Reimagining Sustainability: Pioneering Upcycled Foods in Circular Food Systems. Peng Lu, Alexa Lamm, Jiyong Park, James Gratzek, Abigail Borron, Hongjun Ye, Jonathan Deutsch
  3. Leading Georgia鈥檚 E-Mobility Innovation: Informing Research and Decision-Making. Shana Jones, Don Leo, Fred Beyette, Tianqi Hong, Gerald Kane, Maric Boudreau, Jiyong Park, John Rios, Justin Ellis, Natalie Bock
  4. Turning blue to green: Economic Development and investment from Aquaculture in Georgia. L. Mark Risse, Amit Bart, Daniel Remar, James Shelton, Issmat Kassem, Thomas Bliss, Bryan Fluech, Eugene Frimpong
  5. Healing and Empowerment after Limb Loss in XR. Kyle Johnsen, Grace Ahn, Fred Beyette, Deborah Barany, Ted Frutis
  6. Rubber-Modified Asphalt- A Potential Urban Heat Island Mitigation Strategy. James Marshall Shepherd, Brian Bledsoe, Rosanna Rivero, Andrew Grundstein, Christina Fuller, Sergio Bernardes
10:15 AM to 11:10 AM Key Resources to Leverage your Team 鈥 鈥淢ust Knows鈥 in 8-Minute Summaries

鈥 Travis Glenn
鈥 Alan Dorsey, Guy Cormier
鈥 Nicholas Allen
Office for Proposal Enhancement & Integrative Team Initiatives 鈥 Jake Maas
鈥 Jody Clay-Warner
& 鈥 Camila L铆vio

11:10 AM to 12:10 PM AI Affinity Group Meetings/Networking

Attendees meet in small groups organized around broad topics that emerged from the survey. Notes from each group provide the basis for working groups and potential Teaming for Interdisciplinary Research (TIR) Pre-Seed Award to support their subsequent formative efforts in 2024.

Shape Your AI Affinity Group!

Complete the 5-minute survey and AI (and HI) will do the rest.



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