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Promoting Rights-based Evaluation聽

The long-term goal of this project is to strengthen the use of partner-centered evidence to promote equitable design, implementation, and evaluation of human rights policies and practices; in turn, reducing the disparities between disenfranchised communities鈥 and funders鈥 knowledge and values. This project is innovative in that it attempts to actionably move evaluation to a community-collaborative and transformative approach that can promote shared stewardship over the realization of human rights objectives. The end result: Actionable evaluation frameworks and guides that exemplify the intrinsic values behind democracy, human rights, and governance policies and programming.

We have organized this proposal along the following objectives: Objective 1: Determine specific priority regions and questions to be addressed through desk review and community mobilization; Objective 2: Assemble an advisory board and community researchers to guide the development of region- and thematic-specific sampling and data collection procedures; Objective 3: Gather and analyze policy and programmatic data to explore implicit and explicit theories of change and determine effective and equitable strategies; Objective 4: Conduct an in-depth test of human rights strategies in 4-5 regions using draft evaluation criteria / framework; Objective 5: To produce, test, and refine rigorous and relevant evaluation frameworks and guides for the DRG community. Through a cyclical process, learning from Phase 1: Global Equality Fund (GEF) will inform the design of subsequent phases, allowing us to refine evaluation frameworks and guides.

Funder: U.S. Department of State 

Amount: $1,771,623 

PI: Giovanni Dazzo, Mary Frances Early College of Education