Integrative Team Initiatives

Leading Large Integrative Research Teams (L2-IRT) Workshop Series | 2020-2021

Overview of Workshop Series | 2020-2021

  1. August: Getting Acquainted and Your Vision
    1. 聽Setting norms, sharing visions and values
    2. The critical role of integrated vision planning & execution
    3. The L2-IRT Workshop鈥檚 and this Cohort鈥檚 supportive roles
  2. September: Reflections from Integrative Center Leadership
    1. Conversation with a successful integrative center leader
    2. Guest speaker: Johnna Temenoff, Deputy 华人第一情色社区, CMAT, Georgia Tech
  3. October: Integrative Team Development, Leadership and Management: PART 1 – What Teams Need to Succeed
    1. Team development – a longitudinal view
    2. Understanding and leveraging individual capabilities and competencies
    3. Managing the internal dynamics and boundaries
  4. November: Integrative Team Development, Leadership and Management: PART 2 – Leadership Competencies, Behaviors and Social Network Concepts
    1. Leadership behaviors throughout team development
    2. Network leadership – developing, shaping, co-creating networks
  5. December: Crafting your Integrative Team Organization, Management and Operational Plan
    1. A fresh look at your target large project solicitation
    2. Infusing team science best practices into your organization
  6. January: Integrative organization and management plan Showcase
    1. Live 鈥淧ink Teaming鈥 of your management and organization plans
  7. February: Building Long-term mutually-beneficial external partnerships
    1. Identifying the right partner and building a meaningful partnership
    2. Specific Dos and Don鈥檛s of partnering, Resources at UGA
    3. Building and using Advisory Boards effectively
    4. Guest Leads: Crystal Leach, Director, Industry Liaisons; Martin Bink, Director, Defense & Security Collaborations
  8. March: Building a culture of inclusion and diversity
    1. What purposeful, systemic DCI integration looks like
    2. Resources to build your framework
    3. Guest Lead: Karen Berg, CVM
  9. April: Your Education and Workforce Impact
    1. Developing a broad range of partnerships
    2. Leveraging existing and creating new opportunities at UGA
    3. Guest Lead: Meredith Welch-Devine, Graduate School

Co-Creators and Guest Contributors | 2020-2021

Co-Creators: Dorothy Carter and Hayley Trainer, ; Larry Hornak and Virginia Bacon Talati, OVPR.

Guest Contributors:聽 Johnna Temenoff, Georgia Tech; Crystal Leach, UGA; Martin Bink, UGA; Karen Burg, UGA CVM;聽 Meredith Welch-Devine, UGA Graduate School.