Integrative Team Initiatives

Leading Large Integrative Research Teams (L2-IRT) Workshop Series | 2021-2022

Overview of Workshop Series | 2021-2022

Each cohort member identified a key major project goal that would move them toward achieving the vision for their research program. Through interactive presentations, discussion, and sharing of experiences and best practices, the progression of workshops provided participants with actionable input to help build, strengthen, and integrate their unique plans for achieving their goals.

The nine monthly workshop discussions were framed around the enabling conditions for effective team leadership: Purpose, People, Passion and Procedures.

  1. August: Connecting. Introductions, sharing of values driving your program efforts, workshop series objectives & approach.听
  2. September:听 PURPOSE – Sharing your vision and key goal. What听needs to听be in place in order to听achieve it and begin to assemble unique questions about how to proceed听on each plan.
  3. October:听 PEOPLE & PASSION Connecting your Purpose to who you need. 听Understand and leverage capabilities and competencies (including听yours), attracting, retaining and motivating the right team.
  4. November: PEOPLE & PASSION –听Organizing to achieve shared听goals. Managing internal dynamics, boundaries, and priorities, providing intrinsic/extrinsic motivators for the different individuals/partners/groups in your organization.
  5. December: Living it –Research team leader panel. See what others have done and be in a position to question and learn re听the听first three enabling conditions.听
  6. January: PROCEDURES – Towards a team charter.Understand听best practices from听the organizational sciences for developing effective norms and structures in team听&听multiteam听contexts, what are agencies looking for?
  7. February: PEOPLE & PASSION – building effective partnerships. The听role of external partners in your team, understanding your partner鈥檚 view of your team鈥檚 value, building true relationships.听
  8. March: PROCEDURES -Building a culture of inclusion, equity, and diversity. Understand what purposeful, systemic DEI integration looks like听and听the听means to achieve it.
  9. April: PROCEDURES – Your education and workforce impact. Have means to develop a broad range of partnerships, leverage听existing and create听new opportunities.

Co-Creators and Guest Contributors | 2021-2022

Co-Creators: Dorothy Carter, Hayley Trainer, and Joshua Pearman, ; Larry Hornak and Virginia Bacon Talati, OVPR, Meredith Welch-Devine,听 Graduate School.

Guest Contributors: Crystal Leach, UGA; Martin Bink, UGA; Karen Burg, UGA;听 Meredith Welch-Devine, UGA Graduate School; Brian Bledsoe, ; Mandy Joye, UGA; S. Mark Tompkins, UGA.